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Aldo Sunglasses Pink
Aldo Accessories - Devonshire Mall, Windsor

I wasn't always a huge fan of sunglasses because they don't mix well with a face full of makeup - they STAY leaving the ugliest marks on the side of your nose...
BUT I have recently become infatuated with wearing them. The trick is to just never take them off!
So I was at Devonshire Mall recently looking for fishnet stockings when I came across these beaut stunner shades at Aldo Accessories. I didn't even try them on in-store but when I went home and put them on I can tell you I've never been more satisfied.
First of all the price is perfect for us students ballin' on a budget! I believe they were around $15.00 with a discount.
They are so different from anything I've seen/purchased before, like I would always be basic and buy aviators. Don't get me wrong they're fantastic but they're nothing special.


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Luv them all
Jimmy Crystal Swarovski
Jimmy Crystal - Swarovski Embedded Frame

Where Can You Find These??

Aviators: Urban Planet
Jimmy Crystal: Caesars Windsor Gift Shop
L.A. Express Block's: Urban Planet Windsor Crossing Outlet