2017 Nail Trends You Should Try

Nail Polish Nudes


The 2017 year is all about having fresh nails!

I absolutely love nude nails. They’re such a classic but you can never go wrong.

Especially for the Spring season pastels and nudes are the way to go!

A few of my favorite nudes:

    1. L’oreal - How Romantic (Light/transparent beige-nude)
    2. Essie - Topless and Barefoot (Opaque/ pink/mauve-nude)
    3. China Glaze - White on White (WHITE IS A NUDE OK)
    4. Essie - All Eyes on Nudes (Classic light-camel-nude)
    5. Revlon - All or Nothing (Transparent/ light-pink-nude)
    6. Essie - FIGI (Opaque-pastel/pink that I consider to be a nude)

I love nudes any time of the year but a couple examples of recent nude styles I’ve had done are:

Nude Nails Hands

Get your nails glammed up for spring and try out some of these beautiful shades :)

Nail Polishes Essie Revlon China Glaze